I plugged in headphones into usb and usb ports are now not working

Hey everyone.

I put audio jack headphones end into USB port on my toshiba laptop and now none of USB ports work. How can I fix it? Any way to do DIY? Or any simpler solution?

P.S. I tried restarting, checked in hardware manager and there it says that all USB controllers are working properly and I tried pluging all sort of usb devices in and there is no response at all.

Ou please help!!!

(It was dark)
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  1. You may have short circuited the contacts in the USB ports with the audio plug. The part of the chipset that controls the USB ports may be fried. If not... Try re-installing the chipset driver if you have the disk containing it. If not, locate your motherboard online and download the chipset driver.
  2. Thank you. I however went to sleep and next morning it miracously worked. I have no clue what may have happened. I did restart it 3 times after it stopped working - it seems it just needed some time to rest.
  3. Lucky you. May be some form of circuit protection needed time to reset. Glad to hear all's well.
  4. Yea man. All working well still. I however want to mention that I though how nice it is that guys like you help with answers. Thank you so much. Sunshine and blessings to you.
  5. I also had faced the same problem on my laptop. Fortunately, I could solve the problem listening to a wise friend’s advice. It’s very simple. Just take the battery out and insert again. If you are lucky, the laptop will reset.
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