Which Asus/AsRock motherboard is the best to get.

So I'm looking at upgrading my Gigabyte- P67- UD4 to something I can trust, hence Asus or AsRock
I was originally looking at the Maximus series (extreme and formula) but I'm starting to reconsider considering I may never use the features.
Price isn't to much of a worry, I'm just trying to get top of the line, of course if someone were to recommend something cheaper with great features, I'm open to it.

My current rig is this, incase it matters.
CPU- i72600k
GPU- ATI Radon 5970
Ram- Corsair vengence 8gb
PSU- Corsair HX850w
Mobo- Gigabyte P67-UD4
HDD- 2x OCZ Vertex 2 64 GB, 2TB WD Green
Case- Cooler Master HAF X

This rig is watercooled, not air cooled. I mean proper watercooled, not just the closed loop cpu cooling.

I've ordered a couple of EVGA GTX 680 FTW 4gb (reference design) to replace the Radeon 5970, and I'll be replacing the SSD's, HDD, Ram and possibly the case in the near future.

Oh, and I own a sound card, It's a Creative Sound Blaster Fat1ty.
I plan on overclocking once I get the two 680's, both CPU and GPU's, I don't do benchmarking, well not at the moment. I use this computer for everything, mostly gaming, video editing, gameplay recoding and next year I'll be doing a lot of programming.

Based on that info, what motherboard would be the best option?
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  1. Asus P8Z77V PRO.
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