I3 2100,2120 vs Pentium G620,630

I have enough components around to build a computer around an h61 motherboard. I may sell it or I may use it to replace a HTPC that I currently use that has an AMD 3800+ cpu with a Nvidia GT 210.

I am wondering if for HTPC, light video, 1080p playback, large file transfer, internet browsing, light gaming use

Would I A) Be just fine with a Pentium G620/630
B) Spend Extra $60ish dollars for the I3 2120
C)Keep the AMD HTPC setup b/c the intel setup wont make any difference
D)Buy Pentium put savings over I3 into discrete GPU

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or personal experience with this stuff.
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  1. playing 1080p video is the most taxing thing listed there, and the 3800+ im assuming its the dual core version, is more than able to deliver a smooth experience paired with the gt210... even full hd mkv should work without a hitch, your fine
  2. Thanks for the response, I am currently using the Amd htpc, have been for a year or two. It does do fine with any htpc task so far, especially because its hooked up to a 720p tv at the moment.
    I was just thinking of building this computer since I have the stuff lying around minus a cpu. I was thinking of keeping the new build for myself and sell the amd setup or selling the new setup as I have no use for a 3rd desktop and put some stuff laying around to good use without much out of pocket expense. And if I were to build the computer which cpu, cpu & igp, or cpu & gpu would get me the best all around computer for the money/ or best return on investment.

    Maybe this explains my intentions a little more clearly
  3. a) g620 would be fine as long as you don't use the igpu. intel's igpu has a problem playing 23.976 fps video properly.
    g620 + h61 + radeon hd 6450/6570
    b) for basic htpc, imo core i3 isn't worth it's price.
    amd alternative:
    llano a8/a6 apu + a55/a75 mobo, igpu is good enough to skip over discreet gfx for htpc and basic use.
    it comes down to your budget. you can try using anadtech's cpu bench to compare the cpus versus each other.
  4. You will not get fair value for a complete pc. It is better to sell off the individual parts you don't need.

    But, if you have the itch to build, a G620 based pc should be fine.
  5. 720p ftw lol

    i love 720p tvs, content is so much smaller, either way, since you have all the components lying around, you can just get a g530 processor and a gt520 or a 6570 and you are ready for quad HD 2560x1600
  6. I honestly would go for C option. You have enough stuff for 720p. And for 1080p too. Video is getting more depending on GPU in every iteration. Nowadays even a Zacate box ( E-350 , E-450 ) does 720/1080 without problems.

    Sell the parts, save your money and time.
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