Dr Debug Temperature display on Asrock Mobos

Is Dr. Debug supposed to be completely off while computer is idling? I'm used to EVGA mobos that display cpu temps right on the mobo itself and its kind of what I was expecting on my Asrock Extreme4, but Dr Debug only lights up on start-up (same with the power and reset buttons right next to it). I assumed it would display temps or at least stay on (mainly for cool effect). Is this normal or did i get a defective mobo? Other than that I am very happy with it and it runs everything just fine. Your reply is greatly appreciated.


Case: CM Storm Trooper (latest gen)
Mobo: Asrock Extreme4 z77
CPU: i7 3770k (4.6ghz clock @ 26c idle, 44c load)
Cooler: CM 612 with two 120mm Sicleflow Fans in push pull configuration
Memory: Geil Evo Corsa 16gb Dual Channel 1600
PSU: Ultra x4 750w
Graphics: Asus gtx 660ti
HD: 60gb OCZ Vertex & 1tb caviar black
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  1. I have several. The debug only show post codes for trouble shooting, no cpu temps.
  2. thank you very much for the reply. My next question would be, could there be a little bit of code we could ad to bios that would allow dr debug to display temps and also for the lights to stay on for the power button and reset?
  3. In your bios you can set the Dr. Debug to stop auto turning off after boot up, but it only displays a AA debug code which stands for "working properly" so it is pointless to have it always running unless you just want more lighting inside your case.

    Also how do you keep your cpu so cold? I use a Corsair H100i with my 3770K and it idles around 34C and gets up to 65C and sometimes 70C when I'm gaming. My room is usually around 23C. Are you using custom liquid cooling? I have IES turned on so my CPU auto downclocks itself to 1.5ghz when it idles and will boost itself to 3.8ghz when i'm gaming. I wish I could get your temps so I could actually overclock but then I will lose the IES power saving function.
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