Computer freeze at startup

I'll try to break it down as simple as i can:

1. i start computer

2. it shows first line on the black screen that says:
Amd Sampron 2600+ and freezes.

After checking ram memory by leaving only one and going through slots with same outcome (i figured that might be problem because it stops at the point when memory should be read), i used jumper to reset bios.

I had same freeze but this time text was different:
Amd Sampron (tm) 1100Mh.

Any idea what can cause this?
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  1. Unplug the hard drive and see if it goes passed there. I've seen bad HDDs lock up systems at POST.
  2. Thanks for quick reply, that is the only part i haven't disconnected..
    (it's a friends computer and i haven't seen him yet, I'll post result)
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