Abit av8 won't turn in but has power

I have a abit av8 and it was running fine all day yesterday untill it turned on randomly when I was laying down about to go to sleep, so I shut it down and turned the switch on the psu off so it wouldn't happen again. When I came home from work today and tryed to turn it on I flipped the switch back to the on position and presses the power button and nothing happened. No beeps no ticks no fan noise, nothing. So I open it up and I can't figure it out, everything looks fine. All I know is its getting power cause the post code led shows a 3 which is quickly replaced with a 0.2. Any ideas on what's wrong??? Thanks
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  1. I would unplug the atx power supply connector and remove the board battery to reset the bios. That should bring the board to life. You'll have to enter the bios using an "f" key displayed at the post screen and change the boot order and check the fan settings "smartfan" in the hardware monitor section, save and exit. If you still have an issue, I would remove the board and inspect underneath for a loose wire or screw. You may have a short somewhere.
  2. And there's no way this could be a power supply issue is there?
  3. Sure; maybe the toggle switch is bad; usually when the ps goes out, you have some warning. How old is yours?
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