ISP bandwidth limitations, can i get around it with software?

the pc with the highest demands, will be alloted the most speed. and then the others will be cut down.. I hate this and wish i could bypass several computers play games and HD video similtaneously...and only one pc is given 100mbs full duplex at any given point in time.

I don't see any kind of limit setting i can configure on my isp provided netgear ethernet/wifi-n router, that feeds off another router/voip provided by comcast..

They do not allow another router to be installed in line from the 2 provided.

They do not allow a pc setup as a router to replace either the router/voip or the netgear router..

I have asked them several times to replace this 5+ yr old arris unit...

to that they reply, it's rated up to 65mbs! this should be plenty of bandwidth, why do you want to upgrade? And to what?

they have a motorola surfboard router they provide to new customers...
but they expect me to buy mine...

Does anyone here have any tricks or advise to work around these rip off artist's?
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  1. I have my modem connected to a computer running OpenBSD as a firewall/router which in turn connects to one of the four LAN ports on my wireless router setup as an AP.

    Just assign the MAC address of the Netgear to the NIC that connects to the modem
  2. Why can't you just reset your cable modem and plug your own router into it instead?
  3. kewix: they can detect hardware on the network,

    a vpn
    or label like those suggested above may actually work

    kinda wondering how vpn encyption and process management works tho..cpu usage etc.

    For me it will specifically and knowingly invalidate our agreement. Adding a computer to act as a swtich /router can easily be detected.. any router..anything..

    But it's all good.. security should trump, greed... i really have no choice but to up the ante there.. And hope old/new ideas work..and that it catchs on.. consumers need more secure networks..
  4. cpu usage? i think i have another thread about that.. thank you all.

    setting up a vpn
    there is a bit of a learning curve, not even win 7 is point and click done for me..

    "Networks assign bandwith more than what they actually have"

    if this true, i take your meaning as, your isp, gives 20-200 megabytes a second

    / 100

    = 2 mega bytes a second..

    minimum bandwidth needed for smooth dvd playback. 480+

    about 600k-1mb per second.. the read ahead commands and cache and sorting do take cpu and memory...the nics most consumers are given don't have a great npu. it relies on a cpu. everything relies on one or more cpu's... a "Drop in the bucket" is like a invisible rope waiting to pull tight in front of you..once it needs what it demands..running aps, or software on the client side..even in a cloud..uses more cpu etc then idle xD


    would detect this, and send 160? through various means.. one of which is restricting idle or low demand connections not only in your network.. but theirs as well.. the wan /wwan

    here in lies the issue...and until things change, it is the nature of things..just hope our substantial subscription fees have more then paid for optical to the home..and dedicated 100mega bytes per second..
    and that no one raises rates for stuff we are being taxed for =c

    one person, being able to not be limited, could boost the wan's well.. atleast in theory.. xD
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