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So I just put together a new pc yesterday and I forgot to get a Wireless network card. I got one from bestbuy because I didnt want to wait anymore.

Im going to return it as soon as I get a new one. Im getting 1/5 bars with it and Im right below my router in the basement and my ps3 and laptop get full connectivity. I will be gaming on my new pc but I dont know what else to get? should I go with a pci adapter card or a PCIE card or a usb? I would love to go ethernet but theres only one in the whole house and thats what the router is plugged into. and its upstairs.
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  1. I don’t recommend USB or PCI. Get yourself a wireless ethernet bridge instead. A bit more expensive (although w/ patience you can usually find a deal in the $20-30 range), and a bit more work to setup (wireless is configured on the bridge, not your PC), but worth it imo.
  2. I'm not familiar with a ethernet bridge but I did just google it. Does it hook up to the ethernet port on my pc and then link up to my router upstairs wirelessly? So its not an extender right? Is an access point the same as a ethernet bridge?
  3. A wireless ethernet bridge is not an access point (something you connect TO). It's the exact opposite. It's a wireless client (something you cannot FROM). It’s exactly the same type of client you would have w/ a USB or PCI wireless adapter. It just happens to exists within the confines of a standalone device. On the other end of that device is an ethernet port that connects to your PC. The device "bridges" the two (wireless and wire) so data can pass seamlessly, back and forth.

    [wireless router]<-- wireless -->[wireless ethernet bridge]<-- wire -->[pc]

    The PC isn’t even aware it’s using wireless since it’s connected via wire to the bridge. That’s what makes it such a valuable alternative. For example, no wireless compatibility issues, regardless of OS. And unlike USB and PCI wireless adapters, WOL (Wake On LAN) is preserved. In terms of placement and orientation, you’re only limited by the length of the ethernet cable (100m w/o a repeater). You usually get a better antenna solution as well (particularly compared to a USB wireless adapter). You can usually hang a switch of the bridge and support multiple wired devices (so no more wireless adapters to purchase, no additional configuration needed).
  4. So I just connect a bridge to my pc through ethernet cable and configure the bridge to access my router and thats it? its kinda confusing because it seems like it should still be just as shitty as a wireless pci or usb adapter but it isnt? From looking at newegg they are pretty pricey but I guess its worth it.
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