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I just recently got an old ATI TV wonder digital cable tuner for my HTPC and am having a very annoying problem. The card is keeping the computer from falling asleep. Even if I remove the entire recording que from the DVR, it still wakes the computer back up as soon as it falls asleep. I have tried to go into the device manager and uncheck the box that says "allow this product to wake from sleep," but there is no power management tab for this device. I know the problem is the tuner card because when I unplug it, it will sleep fine.

The only thing I can think of is this and I have no idea if this is correct. The card has a 4 pin power connector and the option of connecting to the USB via a standard usb cable (run outside of the case and plugged into the rear hub) or an internal UBS usb connector. since I do not have the correct internal cable, I am simply plugging in the card to the rear hub via a standard USB cable. Could this dual power supply to the card in any way keep it awake? Has anyone had this problem or have any ideas how to fix it? I do not want the computer to stay on all the time, but I do want the card to be able to wake up the computer as needed to record the programmed shows. Maybe this is not even an option and the card specifically prevents sleeping so that it may record the DVR.... Seems like a waste if that is the case though.

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  1. check the device settings broski
  2. I have already checked all the setting I could find.
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