MSI gtx560 ti HAWK or MSI gtx570 forz III

I am almost finished with my new system build. I have a MSI P67 80 motherboard, I7 2600K, Crucial m4 256gb, Corsair H80, RipjawX 16gb ram but haven't gotten my GPU yet. I was looking at the MSI GTX570 forz III but I am also interested in the GTX560 TI Hawk and maybe put that in SLI. I am getting one of those two cards. Should I get the 560tiand sli it soon or just go with the 570?
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  1. thats kinda up to go for the sli setup....but thats just me.......

    how about one 570 now.....

    and another later and sli that one!!!
  2. I ended up getting the MSI GTX 570. All well but havent had time to tweak it.
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    The two GTX 560's in SLI would have out performed a 580. Just saying.
  4. True, I decided to go for a one card system for now. I can always get another 570 if I need more GPU power. I haven't taxed my system yet because I don't have any games to put on it. I just taxed the CPU and its much better than my duo core. So I'm sure the card will give me the same satisfaction. thanks
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