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All of a sudden the power light on my computer is flashing. The machine turns on, POSt is fine, works just fine, but the light is flashing. I know that this is indicating that something is wrong.

I went into hardware monitor in the BIOS, everything looks fine.

Everything seems to work just fine. All of the fans are working and there is no noise.

The board is an ASUS M3N78 Pro

The machine starts up, runs, everything seems fine. except that the power light on the front of the case is flashing.
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  1. It's not the power light, but the hardrive led. It flashes while the hardrive is active. You're fine. You may have had bad contact on the motherboard for the two pins that run that indicator light off a case lead. Now it works.
  2. No, it is definitely the power LED. The hard drive light is at another position on the case. When the hard drive is accessed, then the hard drive light flashes while it is in use. Longer during bootup of course.

    Asus uses the power light flash to indicate that something is wrong. Often it will indicate that there is a shorted device such as a fan.
  3. Have you installed "asus pc probe II" to monitor your hardware. It may confirm your suspicions. I'm going through the board manual now, but haven't found any answers yet. Here's another post about your concern:
  4. Asus probe II is for windows based systems. I am a serious mathematics person and of course use Linux. So it will not work. I could try it with WINE. Do not know if that would do it.

    Since the machine booted and ran flawlessly, I accessed all of my drives, checked all of the fans, and all seems to be working fine.

    I then shut down, unplugged it, waited 5 minutes, and turned back on. The light no longer flashes, but I suspect that at some point I will see it return.

    I looked at the link that you sent. It is a good one.

    I went into hardware monitor in the BIOS and it shows that the rails are good, but the 5 volt rail is at 4.79, a little low, almost 5% low, and maybe that is it. I do not know what the limits are. The rest are right there. It is a cooler master 750 W supply, should have bought at Antec. Sales coming out, I will wait and get one, if it does this again.
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