HAF X Case thunderbolt symbol on front

I just built computer with HAF X case and theres this red light on "thunderbolt" looking symbol.

What this symbol indicates for?
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  1. Hard Disk Drive activity LED. Basically shows your HDD is working :)

    Definition: A hard drive activity light is a small LED light, usually positioned on the front of the computer case, that lights up whenever the hard drive is being accessed. http://pcsupport.about.com/od/termshm/g/activity_light.htm
  2. Oh the thunderbolt more than likely just means power then. Shows your system is plugged in or turned on, one or the other :)

    Your case manual should probably tell you if you want a more certain answer though.
  3. hmm I was thinking it was power too and manual is horrible! doesn't tell me anything...
  4. sphenoa said:
    hmm I was thinking it was power too and manual is horrible! doesn't tell me anything...

    Sounds typical of Cooler-Master :p I helped a friend build in a Storm Enforcer case last night with a Hyper 212+ (both CM products) and in BOTH cases the user manuals were HORRIBLE. The case didnt even come with markings to show which standoff's needed to be screwed in for each specific motherboard size. I mean ok so its easy enough to work out, but still, it made it harder work than it needed to be! And the 212+ O.M.G what a nightmare. It came with a huge fold out page 95% of it was covered by hundreds of warnings ect in a million different languages and in the very bottom corner was a few tiny pictures showing how to fit at all together and which holes to use for which socket type!

    My CM Storm Scout came with everything I expected of it, easy to follow manual, paper layout attachment inside showing whick standoff's to use ect. No issues at all. I guess I just got lucky? :lol:
  5. I know! 212+ wow.... worst manual ever...

    good thing my computer is running fine right now.. this was my first build too hehe
  6. yes the thunderbolt is the power on

    the one to the right of it is the hard drive activity led
  7. thanks guys!
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