CPU Thermal Paste Remover Problem

Ok, my friend used this cpu thermal paste remover stuff and stupidly he got some on the top green part on his processor and now his pc is not working! Does anyone know a way how to clean it off, because he can see it on there and its solidified. Or should he not bother because the damage is already done?
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    Try using alcohol swabs and hold the CPU upside down while cleaning. 4 or 5 swabs should do the job, and allow time for the alcohol to evaporate between swabs.

    The CPU is an expensive component and there is nothing to lose by trying the alcohol swabs cleaning.

    Good luck!
  2. Ok, Thanks! Fingers crossed it'll work :)
  3. xcazzax said:
    Ok, Thanks! Fingers crossed it'll work :)

    Don't forget to hold the CPU by the edges, upside down. Don't let any liquid alcohol get inside the case.
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