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I seem to have run into some problem with my new system.. I am facing switchoff problems with my system while playing certain heavy games like crysis 2 whereby while playing the system suddenly switches off, and the temperature of the processor shoots above 90 degrees. Rest everything appears to be fine. Could anyone help me with it what could possibly be the reason for it??? :( This is my configuration:

AMD FX 8150
Gigabyte GA 990xa UD3
Corsair Vengence 8 GB RAM
ATI Radeon 6850
Coolermaster HAF 932 Chasis

Please help! :(
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  1. Is the temp 90°C at shut down? What PSU do you have?
  2. 90c would be crazy. Please clarify.
  3. I think the boards protection is shutting down. Is your cpu fan spinning?

    When you built the system, did you remember to remove the little plastic off the bottom of the heatsink?

    Are you overclocking?

    The only thing that should ever get near 90 would be a video card(but yours should not be quite that hot).
  4. rolli59@ Coolermaster GX550, i toggle between the game and AMD overdrive to find that the temp is shooting at 90C at times and then the system shuts down a while later :-/

    nukemaster@ yup, CPU fan is spinning, yes, the heatsink was installed properly, and no its not overclocked, the ATI Radeon 6850 reaches a max. temp of 30-45C :-/
  5. 90C????? There is no way that your cooler is mounted on properly.
  6. I caught the problem guys, i reinstalled everything back only to notice that the problem didnt go away. Only thing i didnt check was the turbo core boost that was by default ON.. and i was using the stock fanned heatsing (not the liquid one), no way it could take so much heat away. Little did i know, bulldozer's own technology would affect it.. :P Now the system is working fine with the max. temp reaching 55-61C, dats it. Thanks for all the input guys..! :)
  7. Wow, did not think turbo core would get THAT hot. Either way, if you want some extra cooling and the performance boost that turbo core offers, something like the 212+ or evo is a great cooler for the price.
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