Computer Switches on but no Display

I have a big problem guys. My computer switches on but no display. I put my graphics card in a different computer and it works fine and i put the power supply in a different computer and it works fine aswell. Any idea wats wrong?
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  1. What are the components (motherboard, CPU, RAM)? Is it a new setup?
  2. I know it's simple, but I have to ask: Did you plug the monitor into the graphics card?
  3. Motherboard: Biostar TF7100p-M7
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 GhZ
    RAM: 2x2GB 800MhZ DDR2
    It is an old setup. I have had it since 2007.
    Yes monitor is plugged into the graphics card.
  4. Well since you checked the psu and graphics card that would lead me to believe it's the motherboard or RAM. Any chance you can check either in another computer?
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