CPU bus speed.

Hey i have i5 3550 and asus P8Z77-V mobo.In cpuz bus speed is shown as 100.5.I have no OC done.I just set my memory speed to 1600mhz in bios since it was detected as 1330hz at stock setting.Is 100.5 bus speed bad?
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  1. its bclk not fsb

    but 100mhz is the default so 100.5 is fine
  2. Yeah i know its bclk but cpuz shows it as bus speed.So 100.5 is fine.My CPU also OC automatically by 19 mhz after i set my memory to 1600mhz in bios.I now get 3719mhz on all four core earlier it was 3700mhz.And memory speed is 1608mhz.
  3. 19mhz on cpu and 8mhz on memory would be right if the multiplier is 37

    as the extra 0.5mhz on bclk over clocks the cpu and also the memory

    so 0.5 x 37 multiplier gives 18.5mhz extra

    and 16 x 100.5mhz gives 1608mhz on memory
  4. So that bcklk is fine then.I heard anything over 100 is real bad.But the thing is i never did it,it was mobo bios itself doing everything when i set memory frequency to 1600mhz.
  5. its just a tiny bit of leeway in the bios the extra 0.5mhz

    its just that overclocking the bclk overclocks other things as well so theres no great amount of bclk overclocking available

    unlike the older fsb where you could heavily overclock the fsb

    i can get to 107.5mhz on my asus board and 2600k stable

    so 0.5mhz extra will be fine
  6. Thanks system is rock stable anyways.xD
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