New PC Boot without PS2 or USB keyboard

So just just bought New CPU, motherboard, psu

I tried to boot

And the following happen:

CPU fan error
Also my USB keyboard just died(not becuase build but before)


Asus pz68 v-pro gen 3
Corsair hx650w

It doesn't have a ps2 port so I can't connect

If has Bluetooth smartphone compatibility and and onboard Bluetooth

Is there any way to connect atm or will I have to go and buy A USB keyboard?

Also the CPu fan error problem
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  1. Go and buy a keyboard now. Then begin troubleshooting.
  2. Hi,

    If you turn on the pc with the case open, does the CPU fan spin at all? That error means the systemboard isnt detecting the fan or that it is not working. Make sure the fan is plugged into the correct pins on the system board. The manual that comes with the system board should show you the correct place to plug in the cpu fan.
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