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Gtx 550 ti vs radeon 6850

what would be better for gaming between the gtx 550 ti or the radeon 6850
resolution: 1920 x 1080p
budget: $150
sli/crossfire : im going to crossfire the one i choose after 4 months
if you have any other suggestions post them
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  1. See Tom's gamer GPU test link below. The 6850 should be better for gaming.,2673.html
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    "sli/crossfire : im going to crossfire the one i choose after 4 months"

    Does this mean you already have a crossfire motherboard? If your board is crossfire only it wouldn't make sense to go with Nvidia cards. The GTX 460 is Nvidia's competition for the 6850, the 550ti is to compete with the 5770/6770, If you are seeing a 550ti for $150 it's a bad deal.
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