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I looking at buying the Sabertooth Z77 Mobo. I will be running 16gb of ram, a 3570k processor and a GTX 670. I will probably be looking to do some overclocking. My main purpose with this computer is gaming. Does anybody have any experience with this board/ is it good for gaming.
Thank you :)
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  1. It is a good board but for what you are doing you can use the Asus P8Z77-V and save some money. The Sabertooth is really about extreme overclocking of both the processor and the video card/s, that is the reason it has the thermal armor on it in the first place.
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    Yep, go with the non marketing-schemed motherboards. That Asus is a great one, as is the Gigabyte z77x-ud3h. The Sabertooth is simply a waste of money. (As is 16GB. Your computer won't ever even use 8, but since RAM is so cheap right now, well...)
  3. Thank you guys for the advice!
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  5. Did you get any errors when you installed the driver?

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