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Psu for 6870X2 crossfire

okay guy I have only just finished updating my PC a few weeks ago..
and then I go and get another present...that just so happened to be...
a new video card!

a powercolor 6870x2 (duel gpu 6870)

and damn! this thing is beast...and for $390
I think its time for my gtx 460 and 6870 to be sold
and other one of these to be purchased.

I feel like such a noob asking a psu question
within weeks of asking my last...

to run two of these beasts(overclocked) along with my
current hardware what wattage psu would I need
to be looking at..??

-current rig-
phenom 960t-cpu HEAVILY OC'ED
msi 870a fuzion-mobo
scsi raid card
1tb sata II drive.
4x scsi 10k

I was hoping I would get away with using an 850... but when I think about it I dont like my chances..
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  1. Hello cainy1991;

    TechPowerUp measured the peak draw of a stock PowerColor HD 6870 X2 @ 245watts
    I think a premium 850W PSU could handle the max load OK. And I think the more typical gaming load would be well within the capability of a 850W PSU.
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    On the other hand the maximum power draw (Furmark) was a hefty 353W and might be closer to the draw if you do something like a max OC on the GPUs.
    700W for the GPUs alone? That premium 850W PSU is sounding a bit light for a 'worst case' scenario.
  3. I would advice not going with 6870x2 crossfires as quad crossfire is not very good.
    the performance gain isn't the best when scaled pass 2 cards and you'd only see a real performance increases in artificial benchmarks.
  4. is it possible to use a single 6870 card to go tri-crossifre in this scenario?
  5. thanks for the feedback WR2.
    So I'm going by the understanding I should
    now start looking for a 950-1000 watt
    I'm roughly calculating the OC on my cpu to draw around
    130-150 @ 4.5 all cores unlocked (thinking of it as a X6 overclocked)
    in addition to your calculation of 706W for the GPUs
    bringing me over 850 already.. so if yeah definitely higher than 850.
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  7. festerovic said:
    is it possible to use a single 6870 card to go tri-crossifre in this scenario?
    Im pretty sure it works because you can put a 6970 with a 6990 for tri crossfire.
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