Looking to buy a budget machine, i3 recert

Hello, I am looking to upgrade my horrible desktop p4 to a icore3 as that looks withing my budget. I can spend no more then 350. I think i could get a good machine if i go with refurb or recert. MY requirements are; something fast that cannlast me atleast 2 years and run 3 monitors. I want a machine to surf the web and run my small business out off. This is not for gaming although i wouldnt mind being able to play starcraft 2. no HDD or OS required. Can anyone help me spend my money wisely?

thank you for reading
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  1. 1) the new generation intel all have four digits in the model number e.g. i5-2500.
    2) the new gen intels kill the older gen. e.g. an i3-2300 beats any older i5 like i5-760
    3) a refurb sold at a percent of original price with an older intel cpu is not a good deal

    Suggest you visit www.ubid.com and look at refurb hp desktops. Get a full size, not a slimline. Only purchase after watching 8-10 auctions to see what price things close at. Only look at refurbished PCs with the HP warranty, anything without manufacturer warranty is used junk, you want a sales channel return.
  2. thank you tsnor
  3. I didn't really see anything that meets my requirements in my budget on that site. Another thought. I researched this forum alot of today and came up with a shopping list for a system I plan to self build. Thoughts?

    1. NZXT GAMMA Classic Series GAMA-001BK Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case



    2. Corsair Air Series A50 Performance CPU Cooler CAFA50



    3. Core i3-2100



    4. Sapphire HD5570 PCIe 1GB DDR3 100293DP



    5. Corsair DDR3-1600 CAS 8, model TR3X6G1600C8



    6. DZ68DB Desktop



    7. Cooler Master Silent Pro M500



    Approximately cost after cursory searches = $480

    I figure if I buy from ebay I can do even better price wise. I plan to buy new to get full maufacturer warranties. What do you think of this shopping list? Are these sound compoenets that will work together and drive 3 monitors very well while providing me with the ability to surf the web quickly?
  4. I think a Z68 Mobo is overkill, u could stick with a H67 and save a few bucks
  5. Thanks for the input vitornob, is the h67 upgradeable to i5 or i7 for example? How much cheaper is it? Is there anything else you can tell me about the differences?
  6. Oh hey also now that i remembered I'd like to do a dual boot machine so a cheap ssd drive that i can fit a multi of xp / 7 / and ubuntu on. I thinka 40 gig drive would work. what do you guys think?
  7. you're right, not much out there. They come and go in waves. Here is one possible to compare your build to..

    HP p6770t Intel Core i3 2100 3.1GHz 6GB 700GB,, 300watt
    currently under $200, should close under $300 unless low supply pushes up demand. Add in $100 hd6770 and you have a nice system. Not the same as building yourself, but nice.
  8. Re the CPU fan, you can't overclock an i3. Boxed CPUs used to come with intel provided fan, but I've never had an I3. Maybe save $25 to put towards an I5...

    Or towards a better video card. The HD5770 / HD 6770 (same card, different number, go figure) for $100 is a huge amount better than the 5570.

    I missed the HD in your setup. Are you staying with your current disk + optical +keyboard + mouse +copy of windows ?
  9. i already have a 500 gig sata and atleast 2 320 satas i want to use as backup mirrors. im not sure if this case can hold 2 or 3 satas and actually have no idea how an ssd would fit into it.

    The only hdd i want to buy is the small size ssd for booting a triple or ideally quad boot system. xp/7/ubuntu/snow leopard
  10. oh sorry missed the other followups;
    i have a pretty useful external dvd burner.
    keeping my os's, mouse and kb too
  11. read some reviews on this case, i guess it can be noisy and some ppl can hear their drives running inside it, im looking for something in the same price range that is quieter.

    does anyone have the Antec 300 gaming tower?
  12. FYI, the refurb HP p6770t Intel Core i3 2100 3.1GHz 6GB 700GB closed at $271
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