1500$ System prebuild

I have a Case, storage drives Disc drive. I have 1500$ for an Upgrade any changes to this

Enhanced Mushkin 2x 2GB
OCZ Vertex 2 60GB
Scythe SCMG-3000 cooler
Seasonic SS-850HT 850 W PW SUP
Core i5 2500k
2 X 6950 MSI twin
Gigabyte GA-Z68xp-UD2

new egg after tax is 1300$

Any changes or ideas
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  1. kill your computer by throwing a rock at it?
  2. Hyper 212+ EVO or Noctua D14 - $35/$90

    GSkill 1600 8GB (2x4) MEMORY - $50-$60

    Gigabyte or Asrock Z68 GEN 3 MoBo - $150

    the things these replace are not up to par with everything else in your rig. Also, if you aren't going to OC, stock HSF with the i5 2500k is plenty.
  3. Before i forget, if you need storage, SSD's are a waste of money in my opinion. I think you could get 2-4 7200rpm HDD's for roughly the same price, and see almost the same performance (nothing you would notice if it were slower) and increase your memory 10 fold.
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