Physx with a Dead 8800GT?

Hi everyone.

Is it possible to use a dying 8800GT as a physx card? My 5 year old PNY XLR8 suddenly decided to crash and upon reboot, there were these red lines on the boot screen that have persisted despite a clean driver installation, driver roll back, BIOS flash, Thermal paste reapplication etc.

I've heard of that oven trick people are using, but am not sure it'll work for me... I might try it out though. (How much more 'dead' can it get, right?)
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  1. You can try the baking trick. But spending so much effort on something (PhysX) that only works with a handful of games is really unnecessary IMO.
  2. Thanks for your response. I was hoping to be able to use it in some way, even if its just running physx coz i am rather attached to this card. Stashing it away in some drawer somewhere (possibly after the baking thing backfires) is jus too sad...

    meh, damn nvidia drivers. all this trouble after i updated to the 280.26 set...
  3. If the vram and shader is functional then it will run physx fine as the rop and tmu is not being used. The bake method is for if all else fails or to experiment.
  4. This probably is a case of bad vram going by the various responses people seem to have received from the other forums. To the oven it seems it will be then...
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