Will ATX work with 2008 Hard drives

I plan on using my hard drive with my new HTPC/gaming build I'm going buy next month before this one blows up on me Tehe Here is the PSU im looking at


I think my hd is a P6 connector here is a picture

here is my manual

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  1. Your drives are SATA and all new PSU's support those! Raidmax is known for lack of quality and this PSU is a better buy and can run up to HD6850 cards! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139026
  2. ok also Will my interface sata from my laptop be able to work as a slave drive for video games? its a 250g 5400 RPM
  3. Laptop SATA drives have the same connectors as desktop drives and should therefore work.
  4. Sweet This going cost me like 264 bucks for the Case mobo psu ram cpu I already have my two hard drives monitor mouse keyboard Going be upgrading to a 1055t later this summer when I can save $300 bucks more this is just a Temp upgrade from a 3 year old pc
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