Compatibility Ms-7275 mobo and Corsair Ram modules

Hi guys.

It 's my first post on the forum and I want to take this opportunity to greet the community. :)
I'm here to fix a doubt I have before purchasing some components.

My question is

Do you know if there's compatibility between Ms-7275 mobo installed on my Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo J (ddr2), bought in 2007 and equipped with Intel 820 D processor and Corsair SuperValue Memory ram?

I'm talking about these products in particular

In negative case

What other brands of good ram memories are certainly compatible with this mobo?
I've read posts where people had problems after a hardware upgrade, expecially with Ram and old mobo
and I'm afraid to spend money unnecessarily.

Can you advise me?

Thank you :)
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  1. Crucial is fine; order from their website and they guarantee it to work. Just enter your system model number. If the price is higher there and you want to purchase the ram elsewhere, I would contact your vender about swapping any ram that doesn't post properly. You may not even need to upgrade, unless you are filling unused ram slots. Your board may have little or no ram adjustments in the bios. Use cpuz to get your ram specs and what speed your current ram runs at for comparison. What version of windows are you using?
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