Wich motherboard will perform better in hardcore gaming?

Hello, I`m going to build new top high-end gaming pc to play games like (Skyrim Highely moded, BF3, HITMAN, MAX Payne 3 etc...) on my single 3D 1920x1080 screen
and i`m going to get ASUS GTX 680 DCII 4GB or MSI Lightning 2GB.

1) I need to know what best gaming and quality motherboard between ASUS Maximum V Fromula and MSI z77 MPower?

2) Wich of thouse is better for high-end gaming?

3) Will my system perform better with ASUS or with MSI motherboard?

4) What are advantages of each one?

Help me deciding please i need really great build!

My build specs:
MOBO ?????
G.Skill Sniper 1866MHz 8GB
Corsair TX 850W
OCZ 128GB Vertex3
WD 500GB Caviar Black
CM V6GT Cpu cooler
CM Storm Trooper case

Thanks! :)
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  1. MSI is hit or miss for quality; asus has fewer defective boards, but each model may have different quality ratings. I use the newegg reviews for specific models, but don't be scarred off by too many negatives. Operator error in installing software or updates can cause issues, as well as bad bios programs. Some need a bios flash to work right.
  2. MSI like GD65 or GD80 have better audio realtek 898 , asus p8z77 family (except deluxe) has crappy alc892
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