Other computers can't see mapped drives

I have a computer with firewire drives attached. After a power outage my other computers can't see those drives. The main drive and one firewire drive shows up from the other computers but not the other 3. The drives are set to share, but can't see from other computers. I'm pretty computer savey but can't find the setting for this. Trying to get this fixed I "may" have reset something in the index but not sure.

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  1. Windows xp. Like I said, everything was working great. Not like a new setup or anything.
  2. Quote:
    Also go to Power Saving options under
    Display Options | Screensavers | Power Settings and set
    the Hard Disk shutdown to NEVER as well as the others..

    This happens when the hard drive is up and running.
  3. So I did a system restore from yesterday before the power outage and all is well. Whatever it did to reset the system it worked. Thanks for your replies.

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