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I have a totally dead computer. So far I have shorted the power pins on the MB and I have fan power. I then jumped the On Button but get nothing. I guess this narrows it down to a bad MB. Am I missing something in testing further?

Rampage III Formula MB
Thermaltake 750W PS

Any help would be appreciated,

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  1. Have you busted the unit down to the bare essentials needed to complete POST?
  2. Sorry I wasn't more clear. I don't have any power jumping the on button (nothing). I do have power jumping the MB plug from the PS with a paper clip. To me I seems the PS and on button are working but the MB won't cut on the power when circuit is closed.


  3. I know I have used list on tom's for awhile to help look for errors when building.

    This could help narrow down your issue some, but from what it sounds like your saying the MB is dead.
  4. Thanks for your response, I'm thinking it is the MB too since it has worked fine for about six months after build and then no power. After checking the power supply and on button that checked out OK it has to be in the MB. I was wondering if any other component failure might prevent power from cutting on.

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