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Hello All,

i have found in the following thread a similar problem of mine


fantastik250 05-27-2012 at 12:03:27 AM

Okay you want to get a 2 sticks. The 8GB would suffice for you and the motherboard can only support up to 8GB of RAM.

The specs of the RAM should be 1.5V, DDR3 1066 (PC3 8500), 240-pin.

Your 2 links show DDR3 1333. I recommend 1066 because I do not want to mess with overclocking. Your motherboard supports 1333, but you'll need to raise some settings for it.


from the above my question is :

may u please help me and tell me what is the setting that needed to be raised when sing 1333 DDR3 ram with this board cause i am already having the same board with 2 rams ddr3 1333 and having issue of my pc being restarted or appearing of blue screen and restart.

this problem only solved when i removed 1 ram of them. what should i do to make my pc works with the both rams without problems??

my pc specs are:

gigabyte ga-g41mt-s2p


genix ddr3 2gb*2

hdd 500 gb wd green

vga ati hd 4670 series gv-r467zl-1gi

intel e7500 core 2 due 2.93 ghz/3m/1066/06

Also, when i replace the above cpu with old cpu intel 3ghz/2m/800/06 the pc works with both Rams with no problem!
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  1. Most old g41 boards default to 1066 speed for ddr3. The e7500 cpu uses a slower memory controller, so the ram runs better at 1066. But if you set your ram to 1066 in manual mode and your cpu fsb at 240 instead of 200, your ram should run fine at 1333. Try it. Use cpuz to verify the correct ram speed. It should read the ram at 666 or 667, which means it's running at 1333. Your cpu will be overclocked and you'll notice the difference. It should still run within the temp parameter; max shouldn't go higher than 60c if your heatsink is installed properly.
  2. well, thanks for ur help. but i am sorry for being beginner in overclocking and dealing with bios parameters.

    but kindly i want u to keep in mind that my board support the memory as following:
    DDR3 1333(O.C.)1066/800 MHz memory modules

    and it is a Dual channel memory architecture

    so, i think its works with 1333 @ overclocking which means i should install lower ram clock (@ 1066 or 800 for example) and overclock it to higher rate up to 1333 max, am i right?

    sorry for my limited knowledge and thanks for help
  3. No. You stated that this ram was rated at 1333. It's ok to run the ram at the slower speed of 1066 if you don't want to overclock the cpu. All ram is backwards compatable. Get the 1333 ram so next time you change to a newer motherboard that's rated for it, you can transfer it over. Most new Intel boards can run 1333 or 1600 ram.
  4. ok, i have overclocked doing the following, am i right ?

    The E5700 runs at 2.93GHz and its FSB of just 1066MHz (266.67MHz frequency). Since i have 2*DDR3-1333 RAMs, what i did is reclock the CPU to 1333MHz FSB. Just change the CPU clock settings from 11 x 266MHz to 9 x 333MHz, lock the PCI bus at 100MHz(donot know why but found someone doning that for the same processor & board to solve similar issue), & make sure to maintain a FSB:DRAM frequency ratio of either 1:1 or 1:2. Just so you know, CPU at 1333MHz FSB
    333MHz frequency) & RAM at 1333MHz DDR (667MHz frequency) = 1:2 ratio

    i have opened bios after that to see processor temp was 40 c

    and found that in windows great performance but when i played a game with it's highest setting after about 5 minutes of very good game performance the blue screen appeared and pc restarted.

    be noted that i am using normal cooling fan that came with processor when purchased

    my questions:
    overclocking that i did? am i right for these settings, do u have any comments or modifications about it.

    and to achieve system stability, what should i do? does it require buying a cooling fan? and appreace of blue screen because of the processor heat? or something else?

    i know that my questions may be very silly as a very beginner in overclocking, and i would be very appreciated for ur help.
  5. I would try setting the ram to auto whether you overclock or not. Let the board choose the speed and timings of the ram. It may not run stable at 1333, or could be an issue with your game. I'm not a gamer, and gaming stresses the system. The bluescreens could be caused by any number of issues. I don't have a simple answer for your bluescreens. Keep experimenting if you wish.
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