I have a amd phenom 9850 HP pc ..and it sucks for swtor..(even with my gtx 550ti

Can the intel i3 or l processor be better to run SWTOR? I cant afford to spend more than 300 dlls between board and chip. What board will give me the best future upgrade ? also I recently got a gtx 550ti with 2 gigs and I want to get another to do sli of course i want to upgrade in the future tot he 2500k (because i had about 150 dlls on gift-cards from best buy and they did not had any radeons)
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  1. The I3 2100 is much better than your first gen phenom and with a Z68 or P67 board you can later upgrade to I5 2500K or better and overclock all you want.
  2. If by 'HP pc" you mean a Hewlett Packard computer, I'm going to assume your operating system was installed by HP.
    This means it an OEM version of the OS & is tied into your motherboard. In this situation, windows won't run & you'll also need to buy a new version of windows.
  3. Yea , i have most of the parts for a new rig exept for board cpu os and memory ..my bro just upgraded his pc to a new 2500k and most of his "old" parts will be donated to me lol ...i just dont have much to spend .cant go over 500 ..im not looking to play swtor at ultra high or high just medium to low ..i just dont want to see those 5 to 15 FPS on most pvp content ..i can run ok on cities and missions its just the pvp areas that my FPS drop from 50 60+ to under 20 ...and I seen the reviews on new egg about the high end i3s been better than the six cores of amd ..any suggestions ..
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