Homebuilt Asus system not booting with Asus graphic card

i just recently purchased an intel build with specs:-
i7 2600 k
asus p8z68-v
corsair xms3 2*4 gb
Coolermaster hx 750 w
cooler master 690 plus case
wireless keyboard of logitech(k350)
logitech mx518 mouse
dell u2311h monitor
i assembled and it boots and installed windows and i can do everything but now i added a Asus GTX580 DirectCu 2 card and it wont boot, it doesnt even post(no beeps or anything). two leds on the card glow and that's it, nothing happens.My graphic card boots on another system which previously had a radeon 5770.
but when i put the 5770 in my system it doesnt boot. i am assuming its a bios setting can you tell me wat setting i have to put it to?? any further help is also requested.can u tell it specific for the p8z68 v motherboard . mine doesnt have the same settings as the p8z68vpro and deluxe boards. i also updated the bios.
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  1. When you install the card does it seat properly and lock into the slot? What slot are you installing the Vid. card into. The correct one is the Blue long PCIe slot. If you are using that one and the system does not boot try the next one down (White). If it boots then the first slot may be defective. If it does not boot in the white slot, the MB may also be defective. The bottom (Black) slot can be tried also but it does not offer full X16 support. In the UEFI (bios) set up (advanced mode) look at the Onboard Device Configuration screen. Make sure the PCIe (black) setting is on AUTO. Hope this helps.
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