CPU cooler upgrade gone wrong

My specs:
Phenom II 955
Gigabyte ga890fxa-ud5
Corsair 750w
Intel 80g ssd
Adata 4g ram 2x2

So I just bought a Coolermaster 212 to upgrade from my stock cooler. Got everything setup, cleaned off thermal paste and reapplied a pea sized drop. Now I cant get a video signal. I'm powering up fine but I fear there may be a problem with my CPU as it keeps making a boot up sound (like a car revving).

Everything worked fine 45 mins ago. CPU and mb are plugged in, video card is in, HDd and ssd are plugged into sat a ports..can't think of anything else...I moved the ram because I thought My cooler wouldn't fit with them in port 1/2 but I moved them back when I realized that wasn't the case. Could it be that my ram innsnt seated properly?
It seems like it is.

Let me know what you think
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  1. And to clarify, I get zero video signal to my tv.

    I'm positive my CPU is seated correctly.
  2. Heres a pic of my setup, maybe someone else can see if I'm missing something.
  3. What would be the result if a small amount of thermal paste got into one of the CPU holes in the mobo?
  4. It would not be good(in general, but if its not conductive as long as it does not stop the pin from making contact, it may be ok). I am not sure if the coolermaster stuff conducts or not.

    Maybe remove and reinstall the cpu and thermal paste. This time, take your finger in a plastic bag(since your finger along would leave dead skin cells) to apply a thin layer over the cpu.

    Do you have a PC speaker? Is the system beeping or anything when you tried to boot?
  5. Like, CPU killing bad?
  6. if it is conductive, it can do some bad things like send power to placed it should not go. Try to remain positive for the time being. If it is non conductive, it just needs some cleanup with rubbing alcohol(90+ percent). If there is a bit on the pins, try to remove it with a small knife and allot of care(do not bend the pins).

    Just clean it up as best you can and try to reinstall it.

    Also re-install your memory as the flex of the board(or even your own hand bumping it) from heatsink installation can cause memory to loose contact and stop the system from booting as well.
  7. System does not beep at all, just sounds like the CPU or CPU cooler ( don't know which it is) is trying to boot up every 10 seconds. I did try to reapply the thermal paste but to no avail, I didn't touch the surface of the CPU at all.
  8. gregcky said:
    System does not beep at all, just sounds like the CPU or CPU cooler ( don't know which it is) is trying to boot up every 10 seconds. I did try to reapply the thermal paste but to no avail, I didn't touch the surface of the CPU at all.

    How much paste do you have/use(i know you say a pea size drop, and thats too much)? Did you get some under the cpu?

    With too much it will actually prevent heat transfer.


    So the pc speaker is connected right?
  9. Just reinstalled memory and it did nothing :(
  10. Yes speakers are on and I hear nothing out of them.
  11. I applied a pea size, yes. I also got a tiny bit under the CPU in one of the holes, it's a side hole and im not sure if its for an actual connector
  12. What kinda of thermal grease did you use? Is it Artic Silver? Is it Ceramique? If it is silver based and it leaked out from under the chip, could be very bad. It isnt a pea sized drop, its a BB sized drop or the size of a grain of rice.
  13. Gonna clean it and reapply paste now. It is arctic silver paste and I applied a bb, not pea...after I thought about it...definitely bb sized.

    Just realized the hole I got paste in is NOT a connector hole, so I got zero paste under my CPU.
  14. If any got on any pin, connection, or touched anything connected to anything else with current, it could be bad news.
  15. I would guess it is the Coolermaster Stock stuff.

    I do not mean Speakers, I mean a PC speaker. It is a little one that just plugs into the board.

    AS5 takes rather well to over application and does not conduct enough to be an issue.

    This kind of speaker. It will beep error codes if you have any.
  16. Nuke, all I have is my mobo, should that have a speaker built in?
  17. gregcky said:
    Nuke, all I have is my mobo, should that have a speaker built in?

    It is normally a part of the case. Some boards have it built in(i have no clue why higher end boards like yours do NOT have it built in).

    The problem is, without it, the board can not tell you what is wrong.

    just want to confirm. you DID plug in the cpu power(8 pin). It is right next to the Ultra Durable blue heatsink.
  18. YEp I did
  19. Guess it would not be so easy huh.

    Video card is in all the way, For the heck of it, did you try to reset the bios?
  20. I use a test bench not an enclosed case, what part of my antec 300 would the speaker be in. I have the front USB connectors and hda port out of the case, would this supply the error beeps?
  21. No I didn't try to reset bios, how do I do that?
  22. K re applied paste ( a lot less this time) and still nothing. F m l
  23. The 300(neither did the 900) did not come with one :(

    I recommending checking out a local shop to get a speaker, just to see if the board is telling you anything.

    For the hell of it, since you are test benched anyway(and i assume the board is on something NON conductive like plastic or wood, hell even paper works)

    Make sure you have nothing but the power/board/cpu&fan/video/1 stick of memory.

    This is a basic build with ALL you need to boot. Just the keyboard and monitor(Or tv) need to be plugged in.

    If you want to reset the bios, get a jumper(you should be able to take one off an old hard drive or CD drive) and place it over the 2 pins marked as clr_cmos(next to the place that you plug in the power/reset/hdd/power led).

    You do this with the power supply off and the board discharged(hit the power button after you disconnect/switch off the power supply).

    Leave that jumper on those 2 pins for a few min, then remove it(the jumper) before switching the power supply back on.
  24. Bios resets didn't do anything
    Sigh...does micro center do free diagnostics?
  25. I am not sure to be honest.
  26. Hi.

    This happened to me the first time I put a hyper 212 (not the 212+) and Arctic Silver 5 on a Phenom II 940/gigabyte 790x. The system wouldn´t beep but it sounds as if it were about to start and does it without even showing the BIOS screen. You can also hear the VGA fan revving up.

    I cleaned off the AS5 and just used the thermal paste that comes with the cooler. That did it.

    Hope it helps.
  27. Hi Nosnitroux, i did try that, i probably applied and cleaned off 6 or 7 sets of thermal paste..lol.

    All good now, just spent $300 at microcenter for a z68 Gigabyte board/2500k/8gb hyperx upgrade..i'll be rma'ing the CPU and hopefully selling off the board+cpu+ram in the near future. Thanks all for your help.
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