How to pick out a motherboard This is my current build (nothing has been ordered yet). Someone recommended that motherboard but I noticed that it doesn't support crossfire. If I ever wanted to get a couple more monitors, I figured I should have another graphics card. I still don't know if I would eventually get any more monitors. I currently have the 2560x1440 27' crossover korean monitor.

So what factors are there when picking a motherboard?

This is going to primarily be a gaming computer.
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  1. Hi BMF,

    My 2 cents:

    I like the cooler you chose. It has a small profile, good CFM and quiet. Just make sure it does not cover any ram slots on that board as you may want to increase the ram in the future. Asus support should be able to answer that, although you never know if you will get a dummy at any call center. Better to email them.

    I like Crucial ram, Asus Mobos, and Seagate backup drives; all very reliable.

    Here is where I would consider changes.

    1. You might want to get the 7950 at New Egg. For $17.00 more, you get 3 games.

    2. I have read in a couple of forums that the OCZ Vertex 4 does not perform up to specs(The Vertex 3 was better).
    I would chose the Mushkin Enhanced Chronos Deluxe MX MKNSSDCR120GB-MX 2.5" 120GB $99 at New Egg
    If you can afford two of these babies in Raid (0), you should hit the 1GBs plateau.

    3. There are two spots where I would spend a bit more dollars:
    The Power Supply and the Case.
    (A) I have mentioned before that I tally up the load and then double the wattage. PSUs never run for long at their rated numbers. So, IMO you should get at least a 750W. My Choice:
    OCZ Fatal1ty 750W Modular Gaming 80Plus Bronze Power Supply $85 at New Egg.

    (B) I find a lot more benefit to full towers. Easier to mod. Easier to cable. Most are of better construction and have more features than mid towers. So my choice for a really great looking full tower case:
    Cooler Master CM Storm Stryker ATX Full Tower Case Black & White =$145 at NCIX.

    IMO, you would save $32 on the SSDs but add $112= $80 more for a much better case and better PSU.
    Also the Mushkin Enhanced Chronos Deluxe benchmarks best SSD at a number of review sites.

    Pegger3D :sol:
  2. Thanks for the reply Pegger3D!

    Which brand of 7950 would you suggest?

    I have already ordered the SSD because it was on sale. It was the agility 4 256 gb for $110 and a $10 rebate.

    I was considering getting the full tower but I don't think I'm going to be changing parts soon. I don't plan on adding extra hard drives and I'm not sure it would fit under my desk. I would measure it but I'm currently out of town. I read that the storm scout fits pretty well for a mid-size.

    What about the motherboard? Do you think the one I picked out is ok? It doesn't have crossfire (which I don't know if I would use anyway).
  3. Hi BMF,

    As I said, I like XFX quality and the Storm Scout is fine, so all I would change is get a slightly higher PSU wattage.

    OCZ usually has the best bang for your buck for PSUs if you are on a budget.

    or (dirt 3 bonus)


    Pegger 3D
  4. Factors of picking a motherboard would be:

    i) Purpose of your build (gaming/work/server)
    ii) Compatibility with your CPU (some CPUs are not supported, must pick those that will)
    iii) Whether it will fit into your PC case (do you have a small or big case)
    iv) Warranty (how many years does the warrant of the mobo cover)
    v) Budget (true story bro)

    If you're planning to build a gaming computer, there are still a few things you have to consider. Gaming computers can be classed and we mainly ask you

    "At What Settings Would You Want To Game?"

    Because prices vary greatly at High end, Mid end and low end gaming builds :)
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