Is the i7 2600k a reasonably safe buy right now?

So I'm all set to build a computer.. one that I'll use for a heck of a lot of stuff including hopefully rendering (if I can figure out how to do it), photo editing and video editing.. (not that i do a lot of that.. seems like everyone says they edit videos.. but it'd be nice to do.)
I'd like it to work like a champ for at least 3 years.

is the 2600k a good buy? the Ivy Bridge processors don't seem to offer much different...
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  1. ivybridge will use less power and have pcie 3.0 on them, they will also offer 20% faster performance. They will be released on april 8th, what I recommend is get an i5-2500k and get a great cooler and oc it to 4.8ghz. Something like a corsair h100 will do. Also what software do you use?
  2. what do you mean pcie 3 on them? The mobo I'm going to get will have 2 PCIe 3 ports.. I can still use those with 2600k right?
  3. the 2600k is good now for what you are doing. So is the FX8150 bulldozer if you are considering AMD. You could also shell our more for the sandy bridge extreme platform for a slight bit more performance and a considerably more cash.

    Ivy bridge will be unlikely to have 20% improvement over sandy bridge. Should be less than 10% as it is a tock die shrink with minimal ipc improvements.
  4. I would never need the performance/price value of an extreme though.
    What concerns me is the PCE 3 thing... I'll still be able to utilize PCI 3 with a 2600k right?
  5. no but pci 3 isn't really useful now.
  6. crap.. that was the whole reason I was going to get the P8Z68/GEN 3.. they tricked me with their marketing. PCI e 3 ports would be useless for me then.
  7. as far as I know you'd need a ivy bridge cpu on those boards to have pci 3.
  8. well oh well. I won't need PCI 3 I don't think.
    I'm probably going to get the same mobo because of all the other features on it
  9. You will want to get a board that supports ivybridge though, don't buy a 2600k and skimp out on the board.
  10. Why do I need ivy bridge support..
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