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Does anyone know any websites that do reliable benchmarks of graphics cards, thanks.
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  1. Read them all, it's the only way to get near the truth.

    tomshardware, techreport, techpowerup, hardocp and anandtech are some of the bigger ones.
  2. eyefinity said:
    Read them all, it's the only way to get near the truth.

    AS in on the forums or various websites if so what ones? as i dont know any :P

    Anyone else feel free to add some, those are the ones I normally look at.
  5. THG of course does excellent reviews of video cards.

    This site lists 13 good sites for video card reviews (one of which is THG):

    Also note that you can go to the THG montly article listing the best video cards for different budget levels, along with a brief description about the performance, AND a link to their review and benchmarks of the card - a very handy all in one reference and good place to start.,2997.html

    You might also search the THG site further as for many popular models they have "shootouts" comparing the performance of different brands of the same model card. The perfomrance differences between cards of the same model is usually quite small, but you often find bigger differences in temprature because of different cooling systems, and often can see the performance advantage of overclocked cards compared to the reference design.
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