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Athlon VS FX

I was really considering getting the AMD FX 4100 for my first build ( ) but i see reviews about windows 7 not being able to use it all. Should i just buy a Athlon II instead?
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  1. Windows uses the FX processors just fine. It's not entirely optimized for them, but using them is no problem.
  2. Which one will be better for gaming. I can afford both of them. I just want a CPU that will perform consistently. I probably won't OC either.
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    go for an unlocked Athlon II with a high clock speed. Just my opinion.
  4. Are triple core processors good for gaming?
  5. yes. but quad core is better.

    would this be a good gaming processor? I already have my GPU (XFX Radeon HD 6770)
  7. this article is all about gaming cpus:,3106.html
    check the cpu hirarchy chart at the end of the article.
  8. alright thanks
  9. Dud, that's the one I just recommended to you. Yes, it's a good gaming CPU.
    What MB do you have?
  10. lol didnt click link for some odd reason.
  11. The only thing i've purchased so far is my gpu. I bought it because it was on sale on newegg.
  12. i3 2100, better than both
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  14. FX-4100 would be just fine and better than the althon. The althon I believe does not even have a L3 cache, where as the FX-4100 has a 6mb L3 Cache. Not too mention all FX processors' are unlocked and highly overclockable.

    Also as Manu 11 stated benchmarks show that the i3 2100 (dual core) is also a great gaming option, but the cost of quality motherboard will go up.
  15. so there are not any problems with the fx 4100 on windows?
  16. why not go for phenom2x4? If you haven't bought the mobo yet go with 2500k.
  17. no none at all, I just recently built a computer for a friend using a FX-6100 (same architecture) and had no issues at with windows.
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