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Good day!

I currently have an Intel Core i5 3570K but I am using it on a MSI B75-45ma motherboard. I upgraded all the mobo's drivers and it was mentioned on the logs that it can support CPU overclocking as long as Intel ME8 is installed. I did so but cant seem to find an area in the BIOS to OC my CPU... Is it anyway possible or is it a limitation to the B75 chipset that the motherboard is based from...

Any help would higly be appreciated. Thanks! ;)
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  1. From CPU world;
    "Three business oriented chipsets, B75, Q75 and Q77 were released at the same time, none of which allow overclocking of the CPU core. All chipsets allow overclocking of the integrated GPU.
  2. Thanks for the confirmation. Well looks like no overclocking for me then...
  3. Excuse me does this mean that if I have a B75 motherboard, and I install a factory overclocked gpu, it will work? (I heard overclocking of a gpu is independent of a motherboard)
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