Please note, this is not the UD3 model (that I should have spent extra money on).

The manual says that I have "Up to 2 USB 3.0/2.0 ports on the back panel."

On the back panel, I know that there are random USB 2.0 ports, but that there are also 2 USB ports with the blue connectors on them, signifying USB 3.0 (at least, that's what I gather).

However, whenever I plug anything into those two ports, nothing happens. I only have USB 2.0 devices to test, but I know that USB 3.0 is backwards compatible.

Did I not plug in something from the power supply to the mobo or did I miss a lead that needs to be connected? If so, how come the other USB 2.0 ports work? Do I not really have USB 3.0? So confused!

EDIT: I am fairly certain that I remember reading "Rev 2.0" on the box before I threw it out. This is the link to the specifications. What is the "Etron EJ168 chip?" How do I know if I have that or if I just have "Chipset?" Do I need to get specific USB 3.0 drivers?
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  1. *sigh*

    Please let the record show I had to install drivers manually.
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