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I tried Hardware monitor. It only reads my graphics chip and my Hd. Both of which are running right around 38C . I still cant locate my processor on there. It shows my processor on coretemp as being 32 degrees fahrenheit. Oddly enough when I try to locate my mobo and setup I bought from some computer guy for 50 bucks. I can't find it. Not even to flash a bios. Im running a Foxconn LS-36 mobo it says on it. Yet it has an LGA 775 p4 620 2.8 prescott 2-m . Core temp reads it running at 2793.01 MHz (199.50 x 14.0) and still insists its at 0 degreesC or 32 Degrees fahrenheit. It also picks up cpu load so I think its reading it, But like I said I cant locate this mobo with cpu existing anywhere..... Im confused.
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  1. CaedenV said:

    I wish it was. I've also found that one as well. The board I have has 2 sata inputs. 4 dimm slots. 1 Ide for the disk drive. 1 floppy port. 4 rear usb ports. 10/100/1000 onboard nic. 2 usb in front. The label on the board is saying Foxconn LS-36. Yet I've looked up every single board Dell Used in the optiplex gx280. It isnt any of those. I've used dell to update as much as I could. It reads my comp as being factory Optiplex gx280. Yet the board doesn't match. I went to Foxconn to update to a better bios, and I cant find it there either. The chipset is intel. it has 2 pci bus , and one pci-e x16. I've also looked at almost all dell models and the boards they went with under LS-36. It doesnt match any of the ones from any other dell model.
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