Corsair cmt3gx3m4x1866c9

I just bought this board for a rebuild and it shows the only DDR3 32 gig Memory it will take is Corsairs corsair cmt3gx3m4x1866c9(xmp) timing 9-10-9

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  1. What motherboard?
  2. Asus SaberTooth Z77 it is in the latest specs from Asus and according to them the only Memory that works to 32gigs/4sticks 9-10-9
    its about $400 or more though at most places. More than the board still. Most can buy the dual kit 16gig for 1/2 the cost and get what they need but it depends on what you need from your machine. Sorry for not explaining I was inserting the answer in 2 different places.
  3. It might be.
    Corsair desn't list any compatible 32GB kit:
    Crucial does list though:
    and GSkill:

    Theoretically these kits were tested by the manufacturers and are guaranteed as compatible.
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