Laptop screen is not working

I would really like some help. This morning I turned on my laptop, and as soon as it got to my desktop, it will flash red wherever there is a solid black color on my screen. When I open up chrome, there is a blue tint wherever there white. This is new, as it hasn't happened before. It was working great last night. Any help will be appreciated! Thank you.
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  1. Hello MichaelDe24;

    Have you stopped by the Laptops and Notebooks section of the forums yet?
  2. MichaelDe,

    Do you have a LCD monitor you can access?
    I would be curious to try to see if this monitor works fine from your laptops video output. If it does, then you know its something happening with the display on your laptop itself, maybe the wires in the hinge came loose or something?
    But if your external LCD display does the same, then you know your laptop has the problem.
    I would start there before trying to troubleshoot anything else, at least you know with certainty where your problem lies
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