Good i3/I5/i7 motherboard and CPU

Hey guys,
I am looking for an i3 i5 i7 combo (motherboard and CPU)
I really need it to be cheap and good performce.
I would be willing to spend 150£ or maybe 200£
I will be using this for gaming.
And for After Effects cs4

I don't really think I can do an i7. But if it is in my price range by some miricale I would.

I dont really mind what website. But would prefer ebuyer.
It also needs to fit a DC5800 case.

Thanks in advance for replys
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  1. cpu: intel core i5 2400 or core i5 2500k
    motherboard: asus z68 v pro gen3
    gigabyte z68x ud3h b3
    asrock extreme 4/extreme 4 gen3/extreme3 gen3
    look up the review of your chosen motherboard.
    is your case sff or mini tower? the biggest problem (after the sff case) would be the (oem?) psu if you want to run discreet gfx cards.
  2. I have microtower not SFF so there is plenty of space to work with
    I have a good PSU as i upgraded my GPU not too long ago.

    Anyone else have anything that is more towards 150 pound mark

  3. does it support atx boards?
  4. core i3 2100/2120(£95.31) + asus h61/h67 (b3) or gigabyte z68 micro atx motherboard.
  5. What is an ATX mobo
    Im quite new to this so im not sure. It has alot of space to work

    What would you recommend for gaming
    I want to play

    The assassin creed series
    and others
    maybe BF3

    I already have a GTS 250. Would that be good enough for what i want to do or would it bottleneck the system?

  6. Can you take a ruler and measure the dimensions? :S
  7. The dimensions of the case are
    Width: 17.7cm
    Depth: 42.3cm
    Height: 37.7cm

    Do you want to know the mobo one aswell?

    I really need this to be 200£ or under but i want to get an i5 2500k + a good mobo with 4 dimm slots

    Thanks for all the help so far
  8. huh it is an hp case? No you can't upgrade, f panel will all be screwed up also hp makes their boards custom, so mounting will not work.
  9. ok so i cant upgrade anything
    oh well

    thread will close in a few days

    Thanks anyways
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