Ram mixing together

hi I recently received a new pc.

And it currently has 8gb 1333mhz ram 2x4gb.
I want to buy a 16gb 1600mhz kit 2x 8gb

I have four ram slots since it is the msi z77a g43

Are those ram compatible with each other ? *1
Is there a big diffrence between 1600mhz and 1333mhz ram? *2
is it worth it to buy that 16gb kit or can i just add 4gb more 1333mhz ram to the system ?*3
is there a big diffrence between 12 gb 1333mhz ram and 16gb 1600mhz ram?*4

sorry for the insanely sad questions , i really just am curious to if it is worth it to buy new ram and for future refrence.

thank you so much :-)
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  1. Ram -should- only be run with ram from the same kit (not even necessarily the same brand/series, but the same actual package) because its been rated and tested for that kit only.

    Having said that, you can always try and give it a shot, but don't expect much.
    So for 1.) I'd say no, but you might get lucky.
    2.) Yes, because all installed ram have to run at the same speed (or you'd have serious memory problems due to different timings and communication issues).
    If you try to run them together, you'll have to run your 1600 kit as 1333.
    3.) If you try to add 4gb of 1333, you'll run into the same issue I firt mentioned.
    If you want to add more ram, your best bet is to use only the 16gb kit.
    4.) Yes and no. Most people will say that if you're running a x64 system that there isn't much difference between 12gb and 16gb of ram unless you're doing photo/video editing.
    If you're running an x86 system, then it can't practically use anything more than 4gb, so upgrading for capacity won't do anything for you. As far as speeds, you probably won't notice much from 1333 to 1600 (depends a lot on your timings).

    My personal advice to you is to go with just the 16gb kit if you're using a x64 system, and don't change your ram at all if you're using an x86 system (x64 is a 64-bit OS whereas x86 is a 32-bit OS).
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