I am trying to do a usb upgrade of 64 bit windows7 on my 32bit vista computer. My laptops dvd drive is broken so I got a digital copy of windows7.

The problem I am having is that to prepare the usb drive and make it bootable I need to run a program called bootsect.exe. The problem however is that this is a 64 bit program and I cannot execute it from my 32 bit vista install.

Does anyone know a way around this? I need to complete the final step which is making my usb drive bootable.

I have the 32bit version of bootsect.exe will this work and then go on to install 64 bit ?
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  1. I was able to use the bootsec.exe from the 32 bit boot folder to make my usb drive bootable. Windows 7 is installing. We'll see what I actually have when it is finished.
  2. So far so good. Everything is installed and up to date. That was an easy enough fix.
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