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ok so i have a 660ti and a z77 extreme 4 mobo when i put the video card in it makes 5 beeps and then on the mobo it displays d6 and then a black screen. i used to have a 560ti and never had this problem. when i take out the video card my computer works normal i rma the 660ti and evga told me it passed all their test so I'm wondering if their is a compatibility problem? can anyone help me please its been a month now trying to get this computer to work i have a 630w psu and a i5 2500k cpu please help teck support from evga said maybe if i reset my bios it might work but i dont know how to

please help me!
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  1. Updating the BIOS might help, follow asrocks instruction on their website.
  2. any body can you give me a direction to look?
  3. Q - Did you do the 'registry mod' for PCIe 3.0? ; if so it won't work and could be the source of the problem - the i5-2500K is PCIe 2.0 not 3.0.

    1. Download the latest nVidia drivers (from nVidia) for your OS (32-bit or 64-bit) ; has to match-up, use ->
    2. Uninstall the nVidia drivers
    3. Shutdown
    4. Install the GTX 660Ti in the (top) PCIe slot and connect the 2 x 6 Pin from the PSU; use PCIe leads not some adapter(s).
    5. Boot into the BIOS and Load Optimal Settings and then Exit & Save = 'Yes'
    6. Install the downloaded, and updated (fresh) nVidia drivers
  4. what do you mean registry mod? i just downloaded the lastest drivers can you walk me thru it step by step please?
  5. ok so i cpu only supports 2.0 pci e but my motherboard only has 3.0 pci e how can i change it to 2.0pci e or can i? please help
  6. The registry wouldn't be changed for PCIe 3.0 support unless you ran nVidia's PCIe 3.0 mod and it's not part of the downloaded drivers package. Edit - IF you did then run a Restore Point prior to running the mod, it's complex to manually modify the registry with regedit.

    1. Shutdown and install the GTX 660 Ti in the top PCIe slot (under THX) and plug the 2 x 6-pin PCIe leads from the PSU. Make certain the GPU is properly seated.
    2. Your monitor should be connected directly to your GTX 660 Ti and not your DVI/VGA from the MOBo's I/O.
    3. Clear CMOS: unplug the PSU for 5 minutes, read the manual for the location of the 'Clear CMOS Switch' (Clr CMOS; white) located at the rear I/O, press and hold for 5+ seconds, plug the PSU back in, boot to BIOS (everything 'should be erased in the BIOS), Press F9, Set the Date & Time, Press F10 Save & Exit = 'Yes'.

    Video -

    Manual (see page **) -
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