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I'm looking at purchasing a low end "refurbished" Dell Inspiron 620. There are two system similarly configured except for the processor -- one with an i3-2120 for $379 the other with an i5-2320 for $429. This machine will only be used for very basic computing (internet, email, etc) NO gaming. Is the i5 worth the extra $50?

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  1. For your use the I3 will do just as well!
  2. Great - sounds fine to me.

    One other thing if I may - Is there a big difference between an i3-2100 and i3-2120 (3.1GHz vs. 3.3GHz)? There is an i3-2100 with more memory (4GB vs. 6GB) available for $10 less.

    Thanks again,
    Steve K.
  3. The difference is the slight increase in CPU speed about 7%, for your application 4GB is plenty.
  4. Thank you
  5. I'd go with the 6gb of ram just because the slight cpu increase will hardly ever be seen without gaming but ram could sometimes be needed. Also its $10 less for basically the same thing.
  6. OKAY thanks all

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