Diference between asus P8z77 lx and P8z77 - v

I'm struggling to fit the P8z77 v in my budget at the moment and need to know what is the difference between the both, performance wise. I know there is less PCI slots and no Built in Wi-Fi on the LX but what else ar the differences ?

Current Build List -

Intel i5 3570k
GTX 670
1TB WD red
128GB Crucial M4
NZXT Phantom (Case)

Cheers for any help :)
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  1. When you have multiple models within the same family, such as the P8Z77, the difference is generally to do with features. Such as those you mentioned: Fewer PCI slots and no wifi. From a performance standpoint, they should be identical given the same set of components.
  2. Ok so are those the only features I'd be loosing ?
    When you say no Wi-Fi on the board, I can still stick a usb WiFi connector in right?
  3. Bump ?
  4. wbt50 said:
    Bump ?

    Yes off course you can still stick a USB Wifi in there.
    There is just not wifi chip on the Motherboard

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