My pc won't load windows

I just updated the bios on my gaz77u3h to f18 from f8 and now every time I turn my pc on it asks wherther I want to start windows normally or use startup repair. Neither options work. My board has dual bios but i don't know how to use it Please help!
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  1. Hi, Check the SATA setting in BIOS. If AHCI, set it to IDE.
    For the other BIOS, there should be a switch on the board (where the BIOS chips are).
  2. try removing power from the system and then using the clear cmos jumper clear the cmos on the mb and then booting up and reset the bios to default. (i would on the reset make sure the mb is setting your ram speed to the right speed) you may have to turn on xmp profile.
  3. dont worry i decided to reinstall windows. thanks for the quick replies anyway.
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