New router needed, only requirement is stable :)

i dont care about any other function or whiz bang features. just an abgn router that i dont need to constantly reboot.

my dell laptop has the intel 5100 agn and i have a linksys G gaming adapter in my living room. sometimes ill just be sitting there and i lose the connection. if i get really lucky the windows troubleshooter will somehow fix it but thats very rare. if i go in the bedroom and pull the plug on the old wrt55gl it always connects again fine but i have to reboot the laptop at times too. But sometimes not. so while the computer may be at fault sometimes, since rebooting the router always cures it, i'm assuming since it's well over 5 years old it's time for a new one

i'm assuming i want a simultaneous router and am comparing the wrt400n , e3000 and wrt610 but if there are other suggestions i'm more than willing to listen. just started my search
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  1. E2000 was tested as the fastest.
  2. Stability is also my main requirement.

    Secondary requirements are (i) security: top-notch fire wall, (ii) low lag time for VOIP and (iii) guest access (ability to give password to guests that will give them only internet access).

    I hope someone can suggest a good solution.
  3. i read a lot of reviews last night on newegg, ranging from a 130 one to a 50 dollar one, there were complaints about dropped connections on each. i wonder if a stable router is even possible these days?
  4. Sadly it's tough... I had horrible luck with one of the Linksys N models a couple years ago... very disappointing. A lot of people still swear by the WRT54G but it's a bit old school at this point and lacks some of the more advanced features. I've had decent (but not entirely flawless) results with the Apple Airport product line but it's Apple so you'll have some limitations there. The two solutions that I've used personally for my house and are rock solid (think years without any issue related to router / firewall):

    a) Separate computer running linux iptables. Can also use some of the "firewall distros" like untangle if you don't want to config your own from the ground up. Overall this is a great option if you have the hardware and the patience to get it setup. You'll probably still need <something> to act as a wireless access point though. But at least the router / firewall part is free.

    b) Cisco ASA (current solution) - it's expensive and light on "consumer" features, and can suck to configure for the first time, but it won't break... ever.

    Edit to add: I'm not exactly suggesting the two options above... depending on your level of tolerance for initial troubleshooting / etc it might be just easier to reboot the "average" consumer product on occasion. Though the linux option is fairly doable without crazy $$$. I've personally not been crazy impressed with the stability of any of the consumer grade stuff (that I've worked with). It's sad that "reboot your router and modem" is still one of the most recommended troubleshooting measures... and works much of the time. :-/
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