1000 Euro Gaming Computer Advice

Approximate Purchase Date: Next Month/December

Budget Range: 800-1100 Euro

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Web Surfing, Photo Editing

Parts Not Required: Mouse, Keyboard, Speakers, Monitor

Preferred Websites for Parts: Any '.ie' websites

Country of Origin: Ireland

Parts Preferences: I5 2500K, Corsair 600t White Special Edition Case, Mobo with Pci-e 3.0

Overclocking: Yes

Sli or Crossfire: Possibly in the future

Monitor Resolution: 1280x1024 and 1920x1200 (I will be using this in different monitors at different times)

Thanks in Advance
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  1. Why a 2600K, not meaning to argue but it has no benefit from what I've read and I could put the money toads an better ssd or cooler
  2. Sorry, has no benefit for Gaming.
  3. because he said he might want to overclock and this processor is cable of up to 4.6ghz with noctua cooler
  4. don't get the i7. It's a waste of money.
  5. ^

    Decent build, but some issues i see Darkling:

    for gaming 2500k i5 is the way to go. it has the same OC capabilities as the i7 2600k, and is a lot cheaper. best gaming chip for price with intel. hands down.

    As far as your gpu's, if im not mistaken, 1000e is around 1450usd? correct? i would recommend skipping the ssd, as a good 7200rpm wont be as much as a performance upgrade as say buying a GTX580 instead of a GTX460.

    SLI is the new "biggest, best" thing, but honestly, performance is not as good as a single, heavy gpu. the GTX580 will outperform those 2 GTX460's. It also gives you a much larger upgrade range, as 2 GTX580's will be beastly later on when the 1 wont simply cut it.

    Great choice for the mobo, HDD, CPU, and RAM.

    PSU i would go with either an HX850 or higher in corsair, or a Seasonic of the same power scale.

    Case is good, but with the budget, make sure you get a Full Tower for a good heatsink/fan if you are going air, or an H80 water cooler for the cpu. im a Thermaltake Frio 0575 fan, as noise is never an issue for me, just performance. Or, you could go with the new Hyper 212+ EVO if cost is an issue. Both will allow you to approach that 4.5GHz expectation, if not higher.

    I would like to see you go with a Cooler Master HAF 932 for your case, back to the Full Tower thing. This is GREAT for air flow, and has the clearance for even the largest HSF.
  6. i agree with everything darkling said except the graphics, in my opinion sli should be used as a cheap upgrade when your system stop being quite up to what you want, therefore id say get either a 570 or a 6950 2gb and then crossfire/sli later when they start struggling, with the two 460's in sli you'd have to get rid of both and buy a whole new graphics card system
  7. if you plan on using multiple screens at any point the 6950 2gb is better but apart form that go with the 570
  8. Should I get a 570 or a 580?Scince I am working on a budget a 570 would be better for money saving and/or more money for another part.
  9. What game you really want to play and at what resolution?
  10. I am currently using some ancient dell monitor but soon I upgrade. Does anyone know of a good 1080p monitor, preferably under 150 euros?
  11. Thanks. Looks like a good monitor. Ive been looking into graphica cards and reviews and have found the asus gtx 570 direct cu ii. Scince I am overclocking would this be a good card?
  12. yes
  13. Is the Twin Frozr 3 from msi better. Also from a case point of view, what is the best.I am quite a fan of the 600t white edition, but I also like the looks of the HAF 922 and 932.
  14. id go for the twin frozr or an evga card, the asus has a triple slot cooler which limits space a lot in your case, the twin frozr is highly reccomended, evga aswell for their customer support and warranties. on the case front id reccomend a xigmatek elysium if you plan to watercool ever, apart from that ive heard good things about the haf series i just dont like the looks. the define r3 and define xl are worth a look
  15. I like the look of the xigmatec. The cooler on the twin frozr 3 is very nice for OCing

    So heres where I'm at now

    i5 2500k
    Asrock z68 xtreme 4 gen 3
    Corsair vengence 8gb/ Corsair vengence lp 8gb
    Msi Twin Frozr 3
    Ocz vertex 3 60gb
    Seagate Baraccuda 1tb
    Corsair H60/H1000
    xigmatek elysium

    The only part Im unsure about is the PSU. I want a modular one with enough power to be able to upgrade to two OCed 570 and at least a 4.5gjz cpu clock.
  16. Is that psu reliable? Also what liquid cooler should I go for and is there any overclocking limits on the mobo?
  17. Yeah, toughpower is usually a great brand!
  18. Should I buyvengence lp or just plain vengence?
  19. Vengence low profile or regular Vengence. Sorry about my prievious unclear post-I was in a rush.
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